A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE is a brand that sets out to weave the future by instigating dialogues on clothing between creators and wearers. A-POC, announced in 1998, has revolutionized the process of clothes- making, where it introduced a new form of design in which the wearers partake. With more dynamism, a team of engineers led by Yoshiyuki Miyamae set out to further develop what A-POC has created and evolved into over time.

Within a piece of cloth bringing about different ideas and diverse relationships with the wearers, the brand creates a variety of "ABLE's" by engaging with different professions and industries.


sohei nishino visual 2


To mark the arrival of A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE in New York, limited edition pieces from the TYPE-VI Sohei Nishino project will be exclusively available in New York.

Japanese Photographer Sohei Nishino finds inspiration for his work through personal experiences such as walks and travel. A-POC ABLE uses its original sophisticated jacquard weaving technique to reconstruct two of his works as clothing – New York, 2006 and London, 2010, from his representative Diorama Map series. Nishino created the Diorama Map series by walking around different cities, photographing various subjects, and pasting all of the photos together onto canvas in accordance with a map of the city.

The two items to be released are a five-pocket pant with New York woven into them and a reversible convertible collar coat that has London woven into it.